A Warning Re: Seanbean

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I do in fact have a life.
I do in fact have a life.
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A Warning Re: Seanbean

Post by ibeezthecapn » Sun Jun 09, 2013 12:28 pm

Attention all, this is not a hate post, and i have actually tried several times to rectify the situation without resorting to this.

DO NOT TRADE ANYTHING OR BUY ANYTHING FROM SEANBEAN. he is a fraudulent individual and shows no remorse for taking advantage of others.

fraud 1 - offered to trade me an Echo 1 Redstar AKM full metal and real wood with a "custom grip" and full set of metal RIS parts. I arrive to trade my slightly upgraded Palco Sports FA-MAS, only to see that the RIS is plastic.

fraud 2 - i get home and research "the markings were rubbed off/painted over" and discover its a CYMA, and ebb

fraud 3 - the AK is missing several screws and other essential parts, JumpGunner had to find some parts just to get it running.

fraud 4 - trades TokenTech89 for a "fully functional mini USP" and we get it home and it doesnt fire. further, cant even find this pistol anywhere, some no name hunk of crap.

fraud 5 - when confronted about the AK, offers to give me a suppressor and cheap scope to rectify. I accepted and then the day before the deal he sells the scope and tells me "the suppressor is not removable from my m16"

fraud 6 - he offered to show up at SQA 5/25 with $60 to cover AK parts and labor. He showed up with no money.

Fraud 7 - offered to trade a "fully functioning" magpul masada acr for my shimmed custom painted g&g m4. I asked "is it all there this time" and get "yeah its all there i swear" had him fire in front of me, he does it with no mag but im thinking "no one in AOSC is going to screw someone twice no way," plus he "felt bad" about missing ak parts - missing several screws, body pin, mag catch, the mag it came with is broken and it had a barrel jammed into a hopup that had the last half inch snapped off

he then texts me to ask if it was all there. REALLY? i replied in the negative and was ignored for two weeks. He and his brother came to the Swamp yesterday, and i again tried to rectify the situation. I was blown off.

I texted him this morning after finding out from Token that the stock is superglued shut on the inside and we cant even get to the gearbox to fix. come the eff on really?
so i text him again and get attitude, screenshots below.

if i had pulled this in richmond, i wouldve gotten jumped.

dont deal with this guy. I originally wasnt going to post this, I was gonna talk to his folks but that doesnt seem like to happen.


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