Head this way for reviews of electric airsoft guns.
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Post by Straightshot » Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:21 pm

[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8899.jpg[/img]

Manufacturer's Specs:
   * Overall Length = 28.5" (20" when stock is folded)
   * Barrel Length = 247 mm
   * Inner Barrel Diameter = 6.05mm +/- .03mm
   * Magazine Capacity = 470 Rounds
   * Caliber = 6mm BB
   * Velocity = 380+fps *
   * Weight = 3120g (with Battery)

The KWA G36C comes stock shooting 380 –  400 fps.  When I chronoed it, it was shooting a range from 380 to 395.  It is accurate out to at least 125 feet, which is a noticeable difference from my stock CA M15A4 CQB Seal.  It served me well in my first game, racking up the kills quickly with the effective range and accuracy.  I have only used it for one game and have not identified any problems yet.  

My G36 weighs approximately 7 pounds fully loaded with a large type battery, mag and added foregrip. The main construction is hard, durable plastic, with metal rails, sights and flashhider.  It feels solid, with only slight movement in the forward section when holding the foregrip (this is barely noticeable).

To my knowledge, this version (2007 / 2008) of the gun is not lipo ready.  I've been told the newer version (2009) is lipo ready.

The selector switch has 3 settings: safe, single, full auto.
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8906.jpg[/img]
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8907.jpg[/img]
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8908.jpg[/img]

The battery compartment is in the forward section and is easy to access.  
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8930.jpg[/img]

This is done by removing the forward pin, which is pushed up from the right side and pulled out of the left side.   Once the pin is removed, the forward section slides off of the front, over the flashhider.
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8898.jpg[/img]
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8897.jpg[/img]
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8895.jpg[/img]

I am using an 8.4, 3600 mah large type battery, with the large type connector replaced by a small type connector (the KWA comes with a small type connector).  The KWA model has a large enough battery compartment to hold the large type battery.  The battery fits in very snug, ensuring that there is no battery wobble during game play.
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8892.jpg[/img]
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8893.jpg[/img]

The connectors slip into a recessed area, allowing the gun to slide together with minimal effort.  I had heard that this would be difficult, but the whole process of connecting the battery, sliding the forward section on and installing the pin takes about 15 – 20 seconds.
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8894.jpg[/img]

The top rail is metal with metal sights.
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8933.jpg[/img]

The rear sight is adjustable with two settings.  First setting (long range):
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8920.jpg[/img]
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8964.jpg[/img]

Second setting (short range):
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8919.jpg[/img]
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8962.jpg[/img]

There are 3 additional rails (two 4 inch rails on the right and left side, and a 3.5 inch rail with sling connector on the bottom) on the forward section of the gun.
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8930.jpg[/img]
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8928.jpg[/img]

The gun is 28 inches long, but with the stock folded it is only 20 inches.  Folding the stock is simple, by pressing the button on the left side (rear of the selector switch).
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8909.jpg[/img]
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8910.jpg[/img]

Once pressed you are able to swing the stock around to lock it in place on the right side.
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8912.jpg[/img]
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8932.jpg[/img]

The hop-up is easily accessible and adjustable with two hands.  This is a change from my CA M4 which allows for the ejection port cover to be opened and stay open to allow you to adjust the hop-up with one hand. The G36 requires you to have one hand to open the ejection port and the other hand to adjust the hop-up.  If you let go of the charging handle the ejection port will close on spring tension.  This ensures that your ejection port is closed automatically; whereas on the M4 you can accidentally leave the ejection port cover open, allowing debris to get in.

To access the hop-up, you move the forward part of the charging handle to the right or the left.
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8946.jpg[/img]
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8949.jpg[/img]

Then pull back on the handle.  This allows for you to adjust the hop-up by scrolling up or down, depending on how your gun is firing.
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF8957.jpg[/img]

Removing the mag is easily accomplished by grabbing the mag, placing your thumb behind the tab and squeezing with your thumb.  The mag can then be pulled out.
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF9144.jpg[/img]
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF9142.jpg[/img]
[img width=700 height=525] ... CF9141.jpg[/img]

I put 3 coats of flat black paint on the flashhider, but during the first game some of the paint was chipped off exposing the orange paint.  

Let me know if you have any questions.
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Re: KWA G36C

Post by dftrent12 » Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:03 pm

But the final question is this, is it worth almost 300 bucks? For me, thats a lot to drop on a "toy"(i don't concider airsoft guns toys hence the quotation marks. i just coulden't find a better word for it.) What's the real diffrence between a 300 dollar gun and a 150-200 dollar gun? I just need some convincing before i buy such an expensive gun.
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I love forums!
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Re: KWA G36C

Post by blackout » Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:11 pm

This gun is I guess what you would call "pre-upgraded" and is going to out perform your regular 150 Echo 1 airsoft gun. It will be more accurate, have a better rate of fire, and KWA guns stock are LiPo ready. They are also good to go until they break out of the box, and can perform and sometimes outperform out of the box on the field. For some people, that is a huge game changer. Basically, KWA will be the best quality for your buck at the price of the new H&K licensed G36's at 285 I think. Also, this gun will outlast your average JG and Echo 1 airsoft gun. If you get into the hobby of airsoft, a 300 dollar (good brand/quality gun) is going to please you much more later on than a 150 dollar gun. Also, KWA is one of the few brands that are made in Taiwan where the people there are total ninjas at making airsoft guns. If you don't want to drop that kind of money, but you still want better quality than an Echo 1 or JG, then go for a G&G Combat Machine. These are the "sportline" of G&G which is also a great brand, and made in Taiwan also. If you really wanna know a lot more, ask Dom he knows what the internals on these guns are like and can give you the "real" difference, much better than me.

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