Airfarm July 5th: Report of the actions.

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Airfarm July 5th: Report of the actions.

Post by mives » Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:41 pm

First off, we got started early with exactly the number of players I predicted we'd have. Good job guys!

I had a blast just watching you guys fight in and around OP Coombes for the first half of the day. I hope everyone appreciated the work that some of our fellow 'softers did to improve that part of the field. We started the day with some solid attack/defend as well as "capture the can", which was very intense. We moved then into the dense jungle, that is the airfarm's wooded areas during the summer, to play a new game of kick-the-can-down-the-road/VIC protection (Very Important Can). It was tough fighting through such thick vegetation while keeping the can moving down the road only by kicking it! There was a lot of flanking attacks and several incidences of friendly fire.

After a quick hour and a half lunch, we got all the troops back in order with only a few drop outs and began a game of Chaos. We divided everyone up into groups of two players and scattered ourselves throughout the maze of roadways near the pea patch. We didn't quite have enough players for us to make contact quickly. But then all the teams, barring one, met up at the 4 way intersection right by the pea patch where the chaos began. Dom and his sneakiness was the demise of all the teams that entered the cross roads, which resulted all of us joining into Dom's team after being medic'ed. We then set off to hunt down and kill the last two players in the area that had avoided Dom's cross roads of doom. With 5-1 troops against them, and a good idea of where they were, we found and eliminated them fairly quickly.

The final matches of the day were held down at base 10 by the river, where we engaged in a back and forth game of three-way king of the hill. All three teams got some time holding the base against two teams attacking from opposite directions... before each was ultimately destroyed and the base captured by one of the attacking teams. A great skirmish scenario for a smaller group of players.

We had the majority of players stick it out until the end at 1800. An extra hour later then we normally go for in the AOSC. Bravo to those who made it out, and stuck it out. We had several new players to the AOSC, and even one new to airsoft as a whole. Thanks for making it to the game, and I'll see ya at the next one.

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