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Guns of Azerbaijan (24 hour Milsim) @ Redfox, July 15th-16th

 Post subject: Guns of Azerbaijan (24 hour Milsim) @ Redfox, July 15th-16th
PostPosted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 4:09 pm 
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Location: Red Fox Games
Address: 1348 Fowler Road Woodruff, SC 29388
Date: 2pm Saturday July 15 – 2pm Sunday July 16
Price: $25 Pre-registration only (closes Monday, July 10th)

1100 Chrono Opens
1230 Safety Briefing
1300 Move to staging area
1315 Faction Briefing, Team Briefing, PCIs, Drills, etc
1400 Game on
1400 Game over

This is a 24 hour Mil-sim airsoft scenario. Everything you need for the entirety of the 24 hours must be brought with you into the field. If you decide to leave the field before the end of the game, you will not be allowed to return to the field. There will be no FOBs, only fighting positions; you will sleep and eat where you fight. Rucks and Bivouacs are a must. Each Faction will be given a series of tactical objective for the duration of the event that will not be scored. It will end in either mission success or mission failure. Success depends on your team’s ability to adapt to rapidly changing situations while maintaining focus on the mission and keeping all your team-mates in the fight. The majority of the information you need for this event will be given to your mission commander and passed down the chain of command. There will be no special missions for individual squads or teams. There will only be the singular goal of mission success. Your commander is responsible for tasking your forces as he sees fit. This will be the purest form of force-on-force airsoft scenario, combined with the difficulty of a mil-sim rule set.

Guns of Azerbaijan will take place on the border with Russia. Two Mercenary platoons will be pitted against one another. They are both after one thing: pay day. The country of Azerbaijan has experienced a flash point insurrection that the military is scrambling to contain. In a different part of the country an attack by a small team of unidentified soldiers against the country’s largest military arms manufacturing facility has resulted in an overwhelmed police force, and a military unable to respond. A private military company by the name of Graycell is called up to retake the facility and ensure the security of life and property. The infamous Black Dog Mercenaries are behind the attack and will be defending the facility until they’ve got what they wanted.

Deadly force is authorized on any armed, non-citizen forces within the factory compound. Deadly force is authorized on any persons committing hostile acts or exhibiting hostile intent towards friendly forces. Arresting power is given for detaining any person found within the factory compound and within a five mile radius of the compound area. Any citizens encountered are required to have a valid Azerbaijan national identification card.
1. Secure arms factory, aka Silverado City, and assets with zero collateral damages NLT 24 hours after arrival.
- Provide security and safety for any and all citizens, factory workers, and government employees while on mission.
- Incorporate and act upon any intelligence gathered from personnel, documents, and activities within the area of operation towards mission success.

Deadly force is authorized on any persons committing hostile acts or exhibiting hostile intent towards friendly forces.
1. Locate and secure weapons stored at arms factory.
- Search offices and records for information.
2. Contact weapons dealer for pickup.
3. Transfer weapons to ground transportation.
- After contact, arrange location for transfer and ensure the vehicles get safely out of the area.

Graycell PMC: M81 “Woodland” camouflage only (gear color does not matter)
Black Dog Mercs: All Black or green Russian pattern camouflage (gear color does not matter)

Downloading, reading, and understanding the following TACSOP will ensure we have a safe and fun game. NOT downloading, reading, and understanding the TASCOP will result in you not understanding the rules, breaking the rules, and being ejected from the game without a refund. Any Questions can be directed to Mives (Matthew Ives) via Facebook or on the Facebook event page.


1. The following information is required for pre-registration:
- Full name as it appears on your picture ID.
- Your faction choice (Graycell or Black Dogs)
- Your team name if you are with a team.
- The position you’d like, if applicable (Staff officer [specify], Squad Leader, RTO, Medic, etc)
- Whether or not you have a military discount (subtract $5)
2. Paypal your field fee NO LATER THAN July 10th to http://paypal.me/Mives7 as a gift. If you choose not to send it as a gift, be sure to add the Paypal fee. If you choose not to use PayPal, you may remit cash in person to Mives at an AOSC game (in an envelope with the above required info written inside). Or you can send a check in the mail with the above required information inside the envelope to:
Matthew Ives
1000 Watermark Pl Apt 213
Columbia, SC

"No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

-General George S. Patton

 Post subject: Re: Guns of Azerbaijan (24 hour Milsim) @ Redfox, July 15th-
PostPosted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 3:11 pm 

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My brother cousin and I are all going to participate in this milsim as our first airsoft event. I have a few questions that maybe ypu can answer? First, we all three have bolt action rifles and would like to be in the same squad together... however, I read somewhere that each squad can have only 2 snipers. Is there a way that one of us could be the other's spotter and rotate? If so, do I need to specify that we would like to all be on the same squad somewhere in the registration paperwork? Second, where can I find the registration paperwork that we need to fill out lol? And finally, can I submit all three admission fees with one PayPal transaction?

Thanks in advance!

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