Attrition Scenario w/Evening Game @ SQA 7/29/17

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Attrition Scenario w/Evening Game @ SQA 7/29/17

Post by Dominum » Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:04 pm

Attrition Scenario w/Evening Game @ SQA 7/29/17

Field Info:
1205 Founders Road, Lexington, SC 29073
SQA, 1205 Founders Road, Lexington, SC 29073
Portajohn on site; debit and credit cards accepted; field rental guns $20-$25; field sells: snacks, drinks, BBs, guns (both new and used), green gas, and much, much more; potable water provided to fill containers

Saturday, July29th, 2017

0800: Registration and Chrono Open (Field fee is $20 [$5 Military Discount with ID] for the entire day OR $15 for first half and $10 for second half if only playing one half day)
0930: Safety Briefing begins
1030: Game Start
1400: Lunch Break (Pistols/shotties only game in village if wanted by enough people)
1700: Evening Game Briefing
1730: Game Resumes
21300: Game End

Alpha Faction HQ/Permanent Respawn: Lumber Mill
Bravo Faction HQ/Permanent Respawn: Roadhouse

There will only be two objectives in play at any given time; they will consist of taking and holding two specific hard points prior to a given index time. The times listed are roughly (+/-10min) when they will be scored, meaning you will need to take and hold them prior to that.
1145: Bunker Hill (7pts) & NE corner building at Crossroads (4pts)
1230: NE corner building at Crossroads (7pts) & Radar Station (4pts)
1315: Radar Station (7pts) & Rocky Top (4pts)
1400: Rocky Top (7pts) & Bunker Hill (4pts)

Point values will be totalled to determine overall victory.

-30 second heals, max two consecutive heals, all friendlies are medics
-Mandatory three minute bleed out
-Bravo has odd channels, Alpha has even (as always, no going on enemy channels)
-Deadrags required
-All AOSC rules apply (They can be found here: Click Here )
-Bring a radio or you won't know what is going on
-Dress for one faction or the other per the rules (Black with green is NOT OK, etc.)
-Bring a change in case of unbalanced faction numbers
-Channel 1 is for admin, call me on channel 1 if you have any problems or questions at any time
-I highly recommend bringing a sidearm with no MED so you can clear buildings
-If you show up after we have begun play, check in at the registration desk. It is NOT OK for you to take the field without having registered and chronographed first.

Night Game Rules (In effect after sunset):
-EVERYTHING on the field will be SEMI-AUTO ONLY during the night portion of play EXCEPT anything that has a 0 MED (under 300 FPS w/.25gs) AND is firing glowing tracer rounds.
-A colored glow stick (chemical or electric) is required to participate (it will be your dead rag)
-A flashlight of some kind is required (in case you or someone near you needs to be able to see in an emergency situation)
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