Player "C" Issued 6 Month Ban from AOSC Events

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Player "C" Issued 6 Month Ban from AOSC Events

Post by Dominum » Fri Sep 21, 2012 3:09 pm

In light of the events that occurred at a recent AOSC event, disciplinary action against Player "C" has been considered and voted on by the Governing Council.

By the UNANIMOUS decision of the AOSC Governing Council, Player "C" is hereby BANNED from all AOSC games until March 1st 2013.

The specific violations that have led to this ban include: Unsportsmanlike conduct during an AOSC event, the refusal to comply with the rules as stated specifically to said player, assumption of authority and duties specifically precluded from said player, and bearing in mind a previous temporary game ban as well as several complaints about generally unsportsmanlike conduct in the field of play at multiple games in previous months by multiple non-Representative players in good standing.

Multiple eyewitness accounts from Representatives of the AOSC and other players present at the event were taken into account. Also note that when player "C" returns from the game ban, said player will still be expressly precluded from participation in any events as anything other than a normal player; either playing like a normal player, or taking photographs. Player "C", due to an overall record we deem requires it, is not allowed to act in any administrative or command role in any manner. This was the case prior to this ban, and the refusal to comply with this explicit and oft repeated order is the primary reason for the disciplinary action herein defined.
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