4 Players Issued Contingent Ban from AOSC Events

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4 Players Issued Contingent Ban from AOSC Events

Post by Dominum » Tue Jan 20, 2015 8:26 am

During the January 3rd AOSC game at SQA, 4 players arrived late to the field, entered the AO and played without paying the required field fee or signing waivers, and then left early. They have been identified by witnesses and corroborating photographic evidence, and have admitted to the aforesaid events having taken place. The AOSC Governing Council has reviewed the evidence and disciplinary action against these 4 players has been considered and voted on by the Governing Council.

By the UNANIMOUS decision of the AOSC Governing Council, all four players in question are hereby banned from all AOSC events from the present date until 3 months after they have paid the complete field fees they owe. I.E. if they pay the field fees on February 2nd, they will not be able to play at another AOSC game until May 2nd.
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