FPC Program, Tag Colors, and Random Spot Checks.

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FPC Program, Tag Colors, and Random Spot Checks.

Post by Dominum » Thu Feb 19, 2015 8:30 pm

By the UNANIMOUS decision of the AOSC Governing Council the following resolution has been passed and will take effect immediately:

Henceforth the AOSC will be standardizing MED (Minimum Engagement Distance) tag colors to the following at all AOSC games:
Clear = 0' MED (0-300 FPS w/.25)
Green = 20' MED (301-360 FPS w/.25)
Blue = 50' MED (361-400 FPS w/.25)
Red = 100' MED [+semi ONLY] (401- 560 FPS w/.25)

Henceforth the AOSC will be conducting random spot checks of at least 10% of the players at any given event. Either the game host representative, another AOSC representative, or an admin that has been appointed by the game host representative may conduct them at any time of their choosing. The person administering the spot check may choose to supply the BBs to chronograph the gun. Refusal to submit to a spot check is grounds for immediate dismissal from from the AO without a refund, and possible further disciplinary action. Any player caught violating FPS and/or MED rules (i.e. having a tag that is less than their actual MED, etc.) will be immediately ejected without a refund and will be subject to further disciplinary action including, but not limited to, being banned from all AOSC games for a period of time to be determined by the AOSC governing council.

The AOSC will be enacting a new program called the "AOSC Frequent Player Card". Any player age 16 or older at the time of issuance, who has attended at least three AOSC games within a 6 month period immediately prior to applying for said card, and has had no rule violations or disciplinary action of any kind previously taken, may apply for an AOSC card that identifies them as a frequent player. Bearers of this card do not have to chronograph airsoft guns that still bear their accurate chrono tag from a previous AOSC game chrono, provided they are certain nothing has been done that could alter the FPS of said gun. Said tags must be in compliance with the new tag color code as stated above. Bearers of this card will still be subject to random chrono spot checks like every other player. Bearers of this card will still be required to chronograph any and all airsoft guns that have not previously been chronoed at an AOSC event, or have been altered in a way that can affect FPS since the previous AOSC chronographing, or no longer have the same colored chrono tag attached as was given at the last AOSC chronographing. The custodian of the AOSC Frequent Player Card program is the Executive Director of the AOSC, Dominum.

If you meet the previously stated requirements for this card, please contact Dominum with the following information:
Full legal name as it appears on your federal or state ID
A clear headshot showing your entire face without undue obstruction (no hats, but glasses OK if you wear them, etc.)
Your exact username on the AOSC forums
Your in game callsign
Your date of birth
The dates of the last three AOSC games you have attended
Date (or approximate date) of your first AOSC event (optional)
Your team logo or some other image you'd like on the back of your card (optional)
Your team affiliation (optional)
Your position on said team (optional)

Remit $8 if you are applying for a new card, or $5 if you are having a card reissued due to loss etc. There is no expiration of these cards. Payment can be sent to dominumproductions@gmail.com (the stated prices include the Paypal fees), or in person at most AOSC games.

After the information provided is verified, your new AOSC FPC will be retrievable at the next AOSC game by presenting your federal or state issued ID, assuming the information given matches the information on your federal or state ID.
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