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STAR WARS @ Paintball Central - May 6th

 Post subject: STAR WARS @ Paintball Central - May 6th
PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:13 am 
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Date: May 6th
Location: Paintball Central - Greenville (PBC)
318 Tucapau Road Welford, SC
Fee: $15 (Cash only)

We'll be once again holding a Star Wars Airsoft game this year to perhaps make up for the Kamino-like conditions last time! Bring your lightsabers, wookie suits, and Imperial uniforms! Special rules apply below for lightsabers, and aside from special Star Wars themed objectives, everything else will be as a normal Airsoft Skirmish day with all AOSC rules.

Image Rebel forces will be in Civilian clothes or Green colored camo.

Image Imperial forces will be in black clothes or tan colored camo.

Star Wars costumes are encouraged. Team balancing may occur with arm tapes or assigning of players to one side or another regardless of color clothing worn. Fun and balanced game-play come first!

8am Chrono and Registration
9:30am Safety Brief
10am Game on
12pm Lunch Break
1:20pm Game on
5pm Game over

PBC requires you to sign their waiver. This must be signed in lieu of the AOSC waiver. PBC waiver located here:
http://aoscinfo.weebly.com/uploads/4/7/ ... waiver.pdf

Light saber rules
- Once you deploy your light saber, you cannot use your gun without returning to respawn. You are dead to everyone with a gun at that point.
- No one may shoot a person with a light saber deployed.
- No one with a light saber deployed may attack a person without a light saber deployed.
- Only two people can engage in a duel at one time. A duel starts when two people tap light sabers to agree to duel.
- A duel is best two out of three. (rock paper scissors rules)
- No duel wielding.
- Must have two hands on light saber handle at all times.
- Deploying light saber means you CAN NOT accomplish objectives.

- Port-o-head on site.
- Paintball "pro shop" with electric outlets for charging.
- HPA fills available
- SC Airsoft Supply on site with limited stock of basic airsofting essentials.
- Restaurants 5 mins from location.

We will be using Medic Bandages for this Weekends Skirmishes.
- Each player will recieve two cloth bandages.
- Each bandage must be secured in a pouch or pocket. You may not pre-tie your bandage.
- To be healed, a friendly player must:
1. Get to you before your 3 minute bleed-out is up.
2. Locate YOUR bandage and tie it on YOUR arm between the elbow and shoulder.
- The second time you are hit, the bandage must be tied on the opposite arm that the first bandage was tied.
- After a third hit you are not longer able to be healed and must go to respawn after waiting in place for your 3 minute bleed-out time.
- Don't forget to re-secure your bandages in a pouch or pocket after you have respawned.

"No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

-General George S. Patton

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