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AOSC 9th Anniversary Game - Just Deserts - 09/29-30/2018

 Post subject: AOSC 9th Anniversary Game - Just Deserts - 09/29-30/2018
PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:48 pm 
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The AOSC's 9th Anniversary Game
Just Deserts
September 29-30th, 2018
Blue Hole Airsoft
Field fee $30

In previous years...
2014: After much controversy surrounding the 2000 election, the supreme court has decided to recount all the votes. A final result revealed Al Gore was in fact elected president. Based upon new legislation, he is inaugurated in 2017 as the incumbent. In his first act as President, Gore decides to issue a ban on all firearms. Throughout the United States, numerous rebel factions have risen up to respond to the trampling of their rights. Anarchy runs rampant. Amidst the chaos, two forces grow within South Carolina. The Alpha Federation and the Bravo Coalition square off, both vying for control.
2015: Both factions have been licking their wounds since the showdown of epic proportions last September. Neither side was able to capture the other's dignitary, leaving both without an edge during the negotiations. Any hope of peace talks had long since faded as tensions rose. This left the battlefield nothing but a bloody mess after immense casualties on both sides... and no resolution to the conflict in sight. Each faction has again mustered their full strength to take on the other, with the intent to finally establish dominance over the state. Will you choose to aid the Alpha Federation, or the Bravo Coalition in their struggle for supremacy over South Carolina?
2016: 2016 saw the Bravo Coalition make large territorial gains at the expense of the Alpha Federation. Despite the casualties sustained, the Alpha Federation intends to exact revenge on the Bravo Coalition's forces by launching an all out attack. If last year was any indication, they'll need all the help they can get. The Bravo Coalition braces for the impending battle, with the intention of repeating last year's victory. Which side will you aide?
2017 It's been years since the conflict started. Both sides have lost numbers. The lower ranks are losing heart. The civil war rages on with no apparent end in sight. Neighbor vs neighbor, brother vs brother. The internal struggle for dominance continues in SC, with the Alpha Federation battling it out against the Bravo Coalition. The numbers are thinning. Who will you side with?

Present day...
2018 After several years of civil war in what is left of South Carolina, the Alpha Federation has chosen to take a new tact. Moving away from the urban areas where the Bravo Coalition has usually fared better, they are now attempting to hit them where it hurts; their water supply. With infrastructure and utilities breaking down since the nation fell apart from civil war, limited reservoirs of fresh water have sustained much of the war effort of the Bravo Coalition. After some successes in urban areas for the BC, they have stretched their supply lines thin. The Alpha Federation plans to capitalize on this by targeting the Bravo Coalition's largest reservoir of fresh water: the 'Blue Hole'. Unfortunately for the AF, the BC got wind of this scheme and is moving elements to protect these major assets. The two water bodies (northern and southern reservoirs) in the AO will be being guarded by the Bravo Coalition. The Alpha Federation will be attacking from the eastern woodline, while the Bravo Coalition attempts to guard the main road from the western side of the AO.

-To medic a dead player, make physical contact with the hit player for 30 seconds. After their third hit, the player bleeds out and returns to spawn. Mandatory 3 minute bleedouts always apply. Only friendlies may medic, and only one player may medic another at a time.
-Bravo has odd channels, Alpha has even (as always, no going on enemy channels)
-Channel 1 is for admin, call on channel 1 if you have any problems or questions at any time
-Deadrags are required. Glowsticks are required as deadrags for the night game.
-Standard AOSC rules that apply: http://scairsoft.com/rules
-Bring a radio or you won't know what is going on
-Dress for one faction or the other per the rules, you mix faction camo, you don't play (Black with green/tan is NOT OK, etc.)
-Stay hydrated!
-SC Airsoft Supply will be vending with most everything you need on sight
-If you show up after we have begun play, call on channel 1. It is NOT OK for you to take the field without having registered and chronographed first.
-Campfires are allowed with constant adult supervision.
-Anyone wishing to operate in-game vehicles should contact Mr. Marauder (Jacob West)or Dominum (Henry Williams).

You'll notice there's no lunch break. Because of this, all players, (yes, you) will need to pack and plan accordingly to take food, water and BBs out in the field, and/or cycle out to the parking lot with your command staff's permission.
1700 Field opens for camping
0800: Registration and Chrono open (Field fee is $30, all players receive one raffle ticket with registration. Additional raffle tickets may be purchased at $1 ea)
0945 Safety briefing begins
1030 Game start
1600 Game Ends/Dinner break begins
1900 Night game begins
TBD Night game ends
0900 Sunday game briefing
0930 Sunday game starts
1330 Sunday game ends
1400 Raffle begins
1700 Field closes

Night Game Rules (In effect at 1900 hours [after dinner break])
-EVERYTHING on the field will be SEMI-AUTO ONLY during the night portion of play EXCEPT anything that has a 0 MED (under 300 FPS w/.25gs) AND is firing glowing tracer rounds.
-A colored glow stick (chemical or electric) is required to participate (it will be your dead rag)
-A flashlight of some kind is required (in case you or someone near you needs to be able to see in an emergency situation)
-Flashlights ARE NOT glow sticks and v.v.

If you are UNDER 18 years of age and will not have a parent or legal guardian with you at registration to sign, have them sign one now and bring it with you: Waiver found here

Entrance to Blue Hole:

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